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One of the most common questions I receive from newer skydivers is where to buy skydiving gear. This post, like the rest of this website, is geared towards jumpers in the United States. While the used market tends to be global, the section on new gear will only include US based retailers. If you’re shopping in other parts of the world, you will likely have other, better resources for purchasing gear.

For your first parachute system, I typically recommend buying used… especially for your main canopy (see that page for details). Expect this process to take a while. I spent about three months putting together my first rig, but depending on your body shape and canopy size requirements it can be easier… or more challenging. In general, you can buy any part of your kit used, though I prefer a new helmet.

Ok – let’s get into it!

Used Skydiving Gear

The first and most obvious place to buy used gear is at your home drop zone. Ask around. Tell people what you’re looking for. Speak to all the riggers who jump at your DZ. Talk to the instructors and coaches. You never know when your network will produce the gear you’re looking for. I always try to sell my gear at my home DZ before I post it for sale elsewhere… it’s easier for everyone. You can have a rigger inspect it on premises if necessary, save on shipping, and sometimes you even get “local sky family” pricing.

The downside is the selection is limited, and while you can get lucky at home, you might need to search elsewhere. Here are some other options for used gear. has its Classifieds section, and this used to be the place to buy and sell skydiving gear, but this does not have the volume it used to have. It’s easy to navigate and has separate sections for every type of skydiving gear. I tried using this resource when I was putting my first rig together but never found anything there I could use.

Right now, the marketplace for used gear exists almost exclusively on Facebook. There are several groups on Facebook that are devoted to the buying and selling of skydiving gear. Skydivers that don’t have a Facebook account will find it hard to buy and sell gear in the US. The advice I typically give to non Facebook users is to set up an account that you only use for skydiving and make peace with the fact that this is how the marketplace works right now. Here are some groups you may find useful – and the numbers in parentheses will let you know how large the group is. This list is not exhaustive; but rather a place to get started.

I’m not going to get into escrow services here, but when you buy used gear, you should have your rigger inspect it before you finalize the sale. There’s more than one way to protect the buyer and the seller; buy with your eyes open and protect yourself. Here’s a post on ways to avoid getting scammed – it’s worth your time, gear is expensive!

Skydiving Gear For Sale and Wanted (41,900). The big one.

Buy/Sell Skydiving gear (36,300). The original classified section on Facebook.

Skydiving Gear for Beginners, Gear for sale and wanted (12,400). If you try to sell a Katana on this group, you’re going to get roasted. In theory, the gear here should be a good fit for beginners, but there’s no guarantees.

Skydive Equipment for sale – #1 (11,800). The admins for this group are based in Europe, and the listings here seem to be a mix of US and Europe.

Performance Designs – Skydiving Canopies For Sale and Wanted (9,000). Obviously focused on PD canopies.

Skydiving Classifieds – Gear, Jobs, Anything Freefall Related (8,900). “Anything.”

Skydiving Gear for Sale and Wanted – LADIES ONLY Edition! (5,400). You don’t have to spend too long in skydiving to learn that there are some misogynist assholes in the sport that want to preserve their ability to say whatever pops into their tiny brains without concern for how it makes people feel. This group is one location that bars the doors to the male trolls. I’ve heard it’s a good spot to shop.

BIG BOY PARACHUTES FOR SALE 190 sq ft and up (2,700). You don’t have to be a big boy to need a 190… it might be worth visiting if you’re looking for a larger canopy.

New Skydiving Gear

It’s worth noting, if you’re going to buy a new container, you should ask around at the DZ to see if anyone has a discount coupon. These show up from time to time as give-aways at boogies or camps, and it’s not unusual for an experienced jumper to have one they’d be willing to give you. Sometimes your rig dealer can also hook you up with a discount.

If you’re a skydive retailer that would like to be included in this article, please drop me a line. Thus far I’m limiting this section to retailers I have personally purchased from. I like all of them. Skydiving is a small community, and these retailers recognize that they need to provide excellent service to compete and survive in this marketplace.

The Ranch Pro Shop (New York) – Kamuran “Sonic” Bayrasli may be the owner, but Donna is the boss. Between the two of them they have about 8,000 jumps. The shop provides rigging services, rental containers, excellent advice, and a full suite of new gear. Sonic clearly loves the sport, and is passionate about “his” business also. Give them a call, drop them an email, find them on social media, whatever, they’ll do their best to take care of you.

Skydive Store (Florida) – Art is practically the go-to guy for new gear at my dropzone, and he’s headquartered over a thousand miles away in Florida. I’ve purchased a full rig here and have nothing but good things to say about Art.

Chuting Star (Georgia) – Practically the big box store of skydiving in the United States, Chuting Star has just about everything, and they know a lot about what their customers want. Their Gear Info Blog is a great place to learn. They offer rigging services, sell rigging supplies, and teach people how to be riggers. They sell used gear on occasion, and will rent you an AAD while yours is getting serviced. If you have questions about your purchase, drop them a line, I’ve found them to be very helpful when I wasn’t sure what choices to make.

Rock Sky Market (Illinois) – A faith based skydiving store? Yup. This shop has a great selection, offers rigging services and will help customers get their Coach, AFF Instructor, or Tandem Instructor rating. I’ve always received really good customer service from Rock Sky Market.

ParaGear Equipment Company (Illinois) – I think this shop has the most extensive collection of gear and parts that I’ve ever seen. Their annual catalog is a marvel of skydiving equipment that you had no idea existed.

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