Today’s two-way drill is the Phalanx 360/180 drill. In this sequence, only one formation is used, the Phalanx. First one skydiver will take the formation grip offset to the right, then after a 360 degree turn by both divers, offset to the left. After both fliers take a 180 degree turn, the drill is reported for the other flier.

These diagrams show the drill being performed in a tunnel. Note how each Phalanx has both fliers lined up with a line going down the center of the tunnel. This helps the fliers maintain relative body position, and it also informs the turn direction: always turn towards the center line in this drill.

Find a printable PDF of this dive flow here.

As always, remember to get professional instruction before performing any skydiving or tunnel flying activities.

This is a simple drill that can be completed in the tunnel or the sky. Both flyers should focus on maintaining eye contact and staying level. While it only has “two” formations (the phalanx and the open accordion), it’s built eight different ways. Simple to remember, but will definitely help you build your skills in the air.

In this version of the drill, our yellow flyer is the base, meaning while they do shift position (especially in a tunnel), they don’t turn for the first rotation of phalanx, open, open, phalanx. Then both flyers rotate 180 degrees and the drill is completed with red as base.

Click here for a printable PDF version of this dive flow.


As it says in the image file, these diagrams are for educational purposes – and are not a substitute for professional instruction.